My digital perm, 3 months later

Three months ago, I paid a visit to Yuki at Shinka Salon when my hair was in dire need to a pick me up. I was pretty happy with the results and especially pleased with the way my bangs so sweetly swept across my forehead.

August 2013

Two months in, my hair settled into a soft wave and I resigned myself to accepting that no perm could hold the attention of my lackadaisical locks. I went back to Yuki for a bang trim ($15) and took to wearing my hair in a high bun. As my hair has grown quite a bit since August, the curls are relegated to the ends of my hair, sometimes leaving the roots looking flat in comparison.

Now to be clear, I put next to no effort into maintaining my curls. I use a wide-tooth comb to detangle when I shower and noticed that the curls are more pronounced after I take my hair out of a bun, but I don’t have a strategy for prolonging my perm. For me, the perm ensures a higher probability of good hair days when I roll out of bed in the morning, but it’s not a guaranteed thing.

Just as I thought my perm had reached its shelf life, I had a breakthrough! I’m not sure whether it was a weather (cold & humid), the water, or the bar soap I used for shampoo, but whatever it was, my curls came back to life this past weekend in Tasmania.

Still holding the fidelity of the curl.

Still holding the fidelity of the curl.

As a friend of mine so adeptly pointed out, the curls in my hair match the curls of the M!

For some reason, the curls lost most of their shape when I arrived back in Sydney. I’ll continue investigating and keep you posted!


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