Visa Signature Concierge’s excellent card member benefits

I have no idea how  utilized the benefit is, but Visa Signature cardholders are eligible to use their concierge services. The team is thorough and responsive. I’ve become immensely more productive ever since!

The process is simple. Sign up with your Visa Signature card number and submit your request using the pre-populated templates, or via the form on their website.  Phone calls are also welcome, though I usually prefer to communicate via email. The turnaround time is stated as four hours, though I usually get a response within the hour. The representatives are professional and I’ve found their research to be fairly thorough (though perhaps inadequate by my standards). They are great at following up and giving you status reports along the way.

I hold one of United’s Mileage Plus credit cards, but any Visa Signature card is eligible for the concierge service.

In the past few weeks, I’ve become a power user of the service, counting 145 emails in my inbox from the concierge team. At some point, I wonder if they’re going to flag me for abusing the service, but I’ve honestly just got a lot going on!

  • I wanted a last-minute reservation at L’Ourson Qui Boit in Lyon. When she couldn’t get through on the phone lines, the Visa rep told me told me that the restaurant’s Michelin reviews stated that since it’s a mom-and-pop operation, they don’t have a regular receptionist. I didn’t get the table, but appreciated that she went the extra mile to sort it out.
  • My Japanese isn’t so good anymore, so I requested a Japanese-speaker make a few of my upcoming lodging and restaurant reservations in Kanazawa.
  • They researched availability for all of the hotels in Big Sur over NYE and came back with a comprehensive list.

As with most concierge, the service is most effective when you’re prescriptive and specific with your requirements. Visa Signature is better at helping you evaluate options than generating them, and reservation requests are a no-brainer. Happy planning!

Feature image courtesy of Flickr user TheTruthAbout

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