$10 movies in Sydney

In SF, Rob & I would always sneak in a double feature, since movie tickets were  so expensive. When we moved to Sydney, expensive took on a whole new meaning and to add insult to injury, assigned seating meant that we couldn’t watch two movies for the price of one. Tuesday seems to be a big day for $10 movie nights in the city, but a girl can’t be expected to limit her appreciation to the cinema to just one day a week. I did some sleuthing and found a range of sites offering $10 movie ticket vouchers. Some e-deliver. Some are delivered by post. Most exclude Saturday evenings, but aside from that 6-hour block, you’re free to enjoy the movies at your leisure.

Optus $10

Not valid on Saturdays after 5pm, but okay for public holidays. Valid at theaters like: Dendy Newtown, Dendy Opera Quays, Palace Verona, Govinda’s, Manly Cinema, Hoyts theaters, and more. Plan ahead as some of these theaters post their vouchers (though mine arrived within a day or two)

Event Cinemas, Birch Carroll & Coyle, Greater Union & Village Cinemas – through Bupa

Hoyts – through Bupa


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