Living Greens vs. BluePrintCleanse

TL;DR. Between BluePrintCleanse and Living Greens (SF only), I’d choose Living Greens for the better tasting juices and the hardcore probiotic-assisted “detox.”

After spending a week in Divonne and Lyon, I’m not sure if I buy into French Women Don’t Get Fat. I eat plenty for pleasure and while I exercise portion control by virtue of my smaller frame, I would certainly gain weight eating like I did while I was in France. Plate-for-plate, my meals contained way more fat, cream, and butter than I’m used to consuming. So upon returning to the States, I decided to embark on a 3-day juice cleanse with Living Greens, in an attempt to recover from my French food hangover.

On taste: Living Greens wins

Aside from Living Greens, I’ve also attempted the BluePrintCleanse on two separate occasions. I say attempted because I have little self-control and ended up swapping the juices I didn’t like for meals whenever it suited me to do so. In the case of BluePrintCleanse, that happened every green juice!

It was a good thing I decided to branch out because the Living Greens juices were more to my liking. I chose the Living Well, which is a “A healthy blend of fruits and vegetables for those newer to juicing.” The key ingredient being the fruit, which adds a tinge of sweetness to the juices. Even though BPC’s Renovation Cleanse includes fruit as well, I found BPC’s green juices too green tasting. I also like that the Living Greens menu changes daily and seasonally (BPC is the same six juices for three days), meaning that there’s less monotony in consuming 30 juices in three days.

Didn’t like the green juices in my 3-day Blueprint Cleanse

The routine: Living Greens wins

BPC is a collection of six juices, while Living Greens ups that number to 10 (6 full-size + 4 half-size). It’s actually really hard to consume that much liquid! I had a juice in hand every waking moment and struggled to keep up with the pace of drinking. Mentally, this routine was comforting to my brain, which would express my body’s discontent (i.e. hunger) by periodically delivering raging headaches.

Your daily intake of 10 juices

Your daily intake of 10 juices

The morning starts with two glasses of hot water and lemon, followed by a disgusting shot of aloe (who knew real aloe didn’t taste like it does in boba drinks). After getting past that rude awakening, you’ll pass the rest of your day sipping pleasantly light veg-fruit juices, tea, and coconut water.

Once night falls and you’re back in the comfort of your own home, that’s when Living Greens stops being polite and starts getting real. It starts with an ominous black liquid curiously labeled as “potassium broth.” I was skeptical, but looking forward to consuming my one and only savory “meal” for the day. I took comfort in the warmth of the broth, which tasted like a uber healthy version of miso soup made with legumes and seaweed.


Misery loves company, so I recruited my best friend to split the 3-day cleanse with me. We were proud of the progress we had made and were getting ready for the final step of the cleanse: two seemingly innocuous “probiotic” pills. We pill popped them without a second thought and within the hour, understood the full meaning of “cleanse.” I’ll spare you the details, but I wouldn’t recommend Living Greens for an apartment with just one bathroom.

For convenience: BluePrintCleanse wins

Living Greens only delivers locally in the Bay Area, while BPC will overnight the juices to your door. Alternatively, BPC is also now available in Whole Foods and select Safeways. The biggest draw back to Living Greens is their use of glass bottles (more eco-friendly), which are entirely impractical to transport. It’s a bit overkill, but LG delivers daily to ensure your juices are as fresh as possible. In SOMA, my deliveries arrived at 9AM. There’s a $2 deposit for each bottle, which Living Greens refunds on your last pick-up.

At the end of your cleanse, they’ll come to collect the bottles (for free) and return your deposit.

There are certainly more holistic ways to detox, but if you need a quick fix, juice cleanses can get you sorted. And for the cost of them, you’re probably better off buying a juicer and doing it yourself.

Or letting the folks at work do it for you! I’m currently obsessed with orange-carrot-ginger (with a shot of wheatgrass, if available)

Before I leave Mosman, I’ll be checking Pressed Juices, which has a retail store near my house. Will keep you Sydney-siders posted.


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