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TL;DR. I’m officially a convert. I now rely on HelloFresh to send me three meals a week, complete with the ingredients and recipes I need to make it all come together. Use RFW9J2 to get 50% off your first box.

An Indian-themed Hello Fresh box

An Indian-themed Hello Fresh box

Coming home to my Hello Fresh box every Monday has to be one of the highlights of my week. Don’t get me wrong. The farmer’s market is probably one of my favorite Saturday morning routines. But after four weeks of travel and a move from Manly to Mosman, I don’t have luxury of routines.

Miso steak & wasabi mash

Miso steak & wasabi mash

For those of you who didn’t catch my first post, HelloFresh is a meal delivery service that takes the logistics out of meal planning. Each week, I receive a box with ingredients for three meals and their accompanying recipes. I’ve been really happy with the quality of the ingredients, the portion sizes and the ease of prep on the recipes. Most of them take less than 30 minutes, which is exactly my threshold for cooking after a long day at work.

The tiny kitchen (and wine cellar) in my new studio apartment.

The tiny kitchen (and wine cellar) in my new studio apartment.

I was happy to spend $30 on my box, but was skeptical that paying full price would be worth the convenience.  Now that I’ve moved into a smaller place, I couldn’t imagine a life without my weekly deliveries!  One of my co-workers did the math and the ingredients cost $40-$50 at retail prices. So while there is a premium for the convenience, we’ve both decided that it’s well worth the time and energy we save from not thinking about what’s for dinner.

Black pepper tofu

Black pepper tofu made with takeaway soy sauce (because I’m too cheap to invest in a whole bottle)

It’s certainly not for everyone, but considering that I’d otherwise probably cave and just eat out for dinner, it ends up being a deal for me! To close out, few more photos from our recent HF meals:

Q3 20139

Chickpea salad (one of the more weak sauce meals) + Pondicherry fish (really good)

Lamb burgers

Lamb burgers

Unwinding on weeknight with our Hello Fresh dinner

Spend less time meal planning and more time vegging on your days off


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