Delicious homemade jam from Berlin

Jams and marmalades from Berlin & Mallorca: Banana Nutella, Rhubarb Ginger, Raspberry, Lemon

I wish I had more than this photo to remember my favorite jams ever. In Berlin.

It was a Thursday afternoon and we had just emerged freshly pampered from our Thai massages at Orchid Spa. I can’t tell you the name of the market or where it is exactly or even the name of the vendor we bought from. Hell, we could barely find the shopkeeper to sell us those jams.

But what I do know, is that I’ve traveled the world over and never tasted jams like these. If you’re in Belin on a Thursday, don’t miss it the rhubarb-ginger and raspberry.

[The lemon marmalade pictured was sold from the front steps of house we happened to walk by in Deia (Mallorca). My favorite market in Berlin was the Turkish Market.]


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