Comps from Google I/O 2011


Flashback: When I joined the Google I/O two-man team back in December 2010, we were in desperate need of a site and I had one month to update the content here. Maybe I was driven by a desire to make my day job more interesting, but I wanted the site to inspire in the same way that our technologies, speakers and demos did at the physical event. And that’s what it took to deliver this year’s countdown: one woman who didn’t want want to be bored 8hrs a day :)


Here’s a behind the scenes peak at the creative process. We started with the idea of running a countdown in the final run to I/O. The first designs came back overly designed…they were too abstract and I didn’t think they’d appeal to developers.

So I asked the team to take a step back. I wanted the countdown to be a paradigm of how time is normally represented. A v.1, v.2 and v.3 later, we had a design comp that we were happy with!


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